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Title: Elivar - Paladin
Post by: Defenestrate on October 22, 2020, 09:25:18 AM
Name: Elîvar
Current Server: Emerald Dream
Class: Paladin

What's the biggest misconception about your class that upsets you the most? Bubble faceroll without supporting other teammates with blessings and heals

What's your usual spec? Protection

Would you be willing to respec in order to help the guild kill a boss? Yes, I also have some experience in healing
If not, please explain:

Link to screenshot of UI: Blizz UI

What addons do you use? DBM

Armory link:

Logs link: n/a

We raid Wed, Thurs, and Mon from 8PM - 11:30PM server time. Are you able to make ALL of these raid times? Yes

Outline your raiding experience (Be thorough and specific): Dabbled in Cata, first AotC in Pandaria. Did all Draenor raid tiers, clearing mythic Blackhand and part of a mythic raid team for HFC. First Legion raid tier, but really only heavily with Antorus which I knew really well. Mostly pugging since then, leading raid groups to clear heroic and some mythic

Real life age: 22

Tell us a bit about yourself: Long time WoW player, recent university grad hoping to be part of a raid team again now that I'm not a super busy student 24/7. I'm looking for a team that strikes the balance between understanding it's a game and keeping a positive attitude and not being so lax that nothing gets done. Fluent in French and looking to become a surgeon

Why did you leave your previous guild? Searching for open spots in groups to do content rather than having to pug everything

Why do you want to raid with Nightstalkers? Saw your forum ad this year and spoke to y'all about applying, your philosophy and attitude seem very appealing and in line with my own. I can also see that you have already downed most of the mythic bosses for Ny'alotha

Please list the specs of your computer:
intel i7-8750
16gb ram
Nvidia RTX 2080

Do you have a headset with a working mic? Yes

Do you forsee any time away from the game in the near future? No

Is there anything you'd like to add? I also do other content such as M+, heal for arenas and am open to RBGs
Title: Re: Elivar - Paladin
Post by: Defenestrate on October 22, 2020, 07:48:20 PM
Unfortunately, our roster is full at the moment. If a spot opens up in the future, we'll reopen recruitment. Thank you for your interest in Nightstalkers.