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Title: Anelía: EnhancementShamanApplication
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Character's Name: Anelía
BTag: AlexTheGreat#11635
Character's Level: 218
Class: Shaman
Usual Spec: Enhancement
Age: 35
Previous Guild: Cozy-Moon Guard
Reason you left previous guild:
looking to progress farther than Heroic raiding.

Tell us a bit about yourself:
casual gamer, looking to meet new ppl in game, get some more raid time as well as some achievements. just have fun and look for friends/guild i can help progress}

Are you friends with anyone in Nightstalkers? If so, who and how do you know them?

Why do you want to become a member of Nightstalkers?
wanna raid mythic content, be part of a progression guild.

Any alts we can contact you on?
you got my btag usually on the shaman anyway.

Our raid times are Wed, Thurs, and Mon from 8PM - 11PM server time (CST). Are you able to make ALL of our raid times, every week?
yeah dont see a problem with it

Do you forsee any issues in the near future with attendance? Vacation? Moving? Etc? if i go on vacation and wont be on its as simple as letting the raid leader know right?

WoW Armory Link: $103;US;Moon Guard;Anelía;Cozy;11;2;60;0:0;2;.s2;29;2111133;8;2.0.0,1.109.6,1.0.0,2.95.6,2.0.0,2.93.6,3.98.6,3.0.0;.q2;172325s1x173128;6370s3;47s14;3s8e6211;36s11x0e-45;46s2;12s7;7s9;86s6;1163s16e63;0s17e-1;5s5e-14;2891s10e-9;42s15e-3;4s12e-36;979s13$@AMR Enhancement@AMR Enhancement@e1124199534 _Agility_2232=1,172231=2@e6623629617 _Haste_2231=3@e2923669627\Celest2231=2,172230=4@e2823689623\Sinful2232=2,172231=3@e1476593760\Skirm2232=1,172231=2@e0524069524\Gather2230=3@e0224109528\Speed2231=2,172230=4


Link to a screenshot of your UI (during a raid, mid-fight preferred): its clean. not my first raid.

Please take a moment to outline your rotation/priority. Be thorough and specific:
bro lol like i play enhance shaman. prepot and start my rotation. flask food etc.

What's the one misconception about your class that upsets you the most?
none really been playing shaman since TBC

Summary of your raid experience (go as far back as you can):
vanilla days

Are you willing to respec or sit out of a raid if a different class is needed? dont see why not

Are you willing to download a few raid specific addons? yeah

Are you able to be in Discord (WITH a working mic) during raids? kind of mandatory for progression right

Please list your computer's specs. CPU speed, video card, RAM, Wireless/Wired?, Cable/DSL?, and average in-game latency.
no idea its a built PC, all i know its on ultra settings, no issues gaming.

Is there anything else you think we should know?