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Title: Vulle: Meta/Current Dest/DemoWarlockApplication
Post by: Vulle on June 01, 2022, 10:12:37 PM
Character's Name: Vulle
BTag: Seabeast#11772
Character's Level: 60
Class: Warlock
Usual Spec: Meta/Current Dest/Demo
Age: 25
Previous Guild:  Kel Thuzad,  Lightbringer
Reason you left previous guild:
GM left WoW for personal reasons and am looking for a new home.

Tell us a bit about yourself:
I enjoy eating, breathing, weight-lifting, beer lifting, hiking, memes, refinishing furniture, and Wow. I do play some other games when the content is dry but have been playing WoW steady since vanilla. First raid was OG Kara. }

Are you friends with anyone in Nightstalkers? If so, who and how do you know them?
Salt (Zeph) referred me and I am with the Kel Thuzad group.

Why do you want to become a member of Nightstalkers?
Ran with you all and got to meet the team. I like the atmosphere and that it is balanced. The group is there for a good time, but also to progress.

Any alts we can contact you on?
Railsplitter (DK) Vuhl (Shammy) I dont play them much this xpac

Our raid times are Wed, Thurs, and Mon from 8PM - 11PM server time (CST). Are you able to make ALL of our raid times, every week?
Wed would be spotty for me but Thurs and Mon, yes.

Do you forsee any issues in the near future with attendance? Vacation? Moving? Etc? Nopers

WoW Armory Link:


Link to a screenshot of your UI (during a raid, mid-fight preferred): Attached

Please take a moment to outline your rotation/priority. Be thorough and specific:
CDs depending on hero/dps window
Try to align CDs and legos with key casting breaks
Save mitigation CDs for dmg phases or when Lead calls for them

What's the one misconception about your class that upsets you the most?
That since we are near top of meta right now that the class is easy. That and that we give handies for monies in the Dalaran Sewers. Not all of us have kinks for demons either. So rude.

Summary of your raid experience (go as far back as you can):
Kara and Gruuls Lair on my rogue.
TOC, ICC on my DK.
NAXX on my hunter.
All Pandaland on my DK (Main tank/RL).
Break during WOD
DK during Legion (DPS/OT)
Lock for BFA
Lock for Shadowlands

Are you willing to respec or sit out of a raid if a different class is needed? Certainly, but if asked to sit I will likely go spend my time on something other than Wow for the night.

Are you willing to download a few raid specific addons? Yes. My UI is basic and am willing to upgrade. I have ELVUI but have mainly been annoyed by it.

Are you able to be in Discord (WITH a working mic) during raids? Of course

Please list your computer's specs. CPU speed, video card, RAM, Wireless/Wired?, Cable/DSL?, and average in-game latency.
No current issues running the game on high graphics settings in raid situations. Elegon was a vid card killer though.

Is there anything else you think we should know?
I have gotten to meet the team and enjoyed myself. Everyone seems competent and approachable.
Thanks for taking the time to interact and consider us for spots on the team.